Classmate itc
Classmate itc

Classmate is an Indian brand of student stationery products. ITC Limited (formerly Indian Tobacco Company) launched its Classmate brand in 2003 with the notebooks category. Subsequently, Classmate added pens, pencils, mechanical pencils and geometry boxes to its portfolio.

Classmate products include notebooks, pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, diaries, mathematical drawing instruments, scholastics, erasers, sharpeners and scales and art stationery products.


Notebooks Edit

Classmate notebooks consist of many variants including notebooks, long books, practical books, drawing books and reminder pads, with a theme on the cover and related information inside.[1][2]


ITC Classmate notebooks use ozone-treated, elemental chlorine free paper, leading to higher paper quality and shelf life. Ever-imagined of having your own photos on Notebooks? Now, it is possible with Classmate as Classmate has introduced a feature for making custom books.[3]



Classmate offers fountain pens, gel pens, roller pens and ball pens.[4]



Classmate's range of pencils includes wooden and mechanical pencils. Variants of wooden pencils include HB Bonded Lead, HB Jet Black, Carbon Black, 2B Trilobe and Rubber Tipped.


These pencils come with different features, clicking mechanisms, and grips. And Give Lead Of Mechanical Pencil


Art stationery products 

The Colour Crew range of art materials includes wax crayons, plastic crayons, oil pastels and sketch pens.


Mathematical instruments 

Classmate has several types of drawing instruments available like compass, different sizes of scale and many more.[5]

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